How to record informal testing prior to V&V?

  • 3 February 2022
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Hey everyone, what are your thoughts on how the informal testing of R&D prototypes should be recorded? 

Wherever I’ve worked, this is something that I’ve seen done differently. I’m also curious what you consider to be best practices for recording and linking any tests leading up to V&V.

2 replies

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Hi Etienne. Regardless of the method, I’d say the most important thing is following good documentation practices. Sometimes we record informal early testing in lab notebooks, but for common tests we’ve found it helpful to create pre-formatted data sheet templates. We typically route these as an attachment to the test protocol. They are written such that they include fields for all of the data and information to be gathered, along with the necessary signatures/dates for testers and reviewers. These data sheets can also be improved upon and used for formal V&V testing or QA testing during routine manufacturing, if that is deemed necessary. 

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First things first, I concur good documentation practices is critical as Jason noted above! Regardless of where you are in product development, just make GDocP standard. I once had someone tell me to think of lab notebook records as a ‘love letter to your future self’. If in 3 years you (or someone else) have to read the record and understand what was done, will it make sense?

Back in the day, and probably still, there is the physical lab notebook. This works; however, it is not easily searchable. So if these can be captured electronically all the better. But, whatever process you follow it needs to be easy/simple and ‘right-sized’ in terms of formality, in order to achieve consistent compliance.  

Thoughts? What have y’all found to work well for you?