Animal Testing

  • 6 September 2022
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Hello All, 

Can anyone recommend any animal testing facility?


3 replies

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Not sure where you are located but I recently used Wuxi Apptec for biocompatibility testing on small animals. They were very responsive and provided the reports based on the testing that was requested and quoted. 


In the past, I also sent samples to Wuxi AppTec for biocompatibility testing.  (I believe it was the St. Paul, MN location)

Also used NAMSA for bio testing + Biological Expert training courses.   Not sure but I think it was one of their labs in Minneapolis.

If you request a quote for testing, their technical sales should recommend which lab to send your samples.

I remember both Wuxi and NAMSA being professional to work with.

Good luck

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@MCZ If you are a current GG customer, you might want to connect with your customer success representative in order to talk to Nelson Labs.  They are a GG partner that can handle all of your documentation and testing for ISO 10993.  As a bonus, I believe you get a few hours for free, but confirm with your CS partner.