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  • 17 December 2022
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My name is Armando, a Lead Catheter developer with relevant experience in Class lll medical device development.

Me as much as every developer, spend a lot of time trying to get inspirations on the web to solve complex catheter design challenges, and I have realized that its very rare to find any resources that help design engineers without a hefty price of a consultant which most of the time provides you with only general insights.

That being said, and after finding out that there is no group at all for catheter designer to discuss ideas and challenges with fellow developers, I have decided to create a Linkedin group called “catheter engineer inspiration group”, I will try to post insightful resources and try answer group members challenges. Link to groupCatheter Inspiration Group

I am a passionate engineer who loves this field and would like to find more engineers who share this passion. Please feel free to join me in this mission 🙂.


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